You never knew it could be this easy.

For those who failed at “typical” budgeting, Daily Budget is a budgeting app which tells you how much you can spend, every day.


So simple, you will actually use it.

Minimal UI, focused functions, the app doesn’t bother you with endless details.

Real reviews from real users

  • This app is the real deal
    5 stars
    This app is the real deal. I only wish I downloaded it sooner. I went from constantly being in overdraft in my bank accounts to having thousands and thousands of dollars in my savings.
    It has literally saved my "financial" life. It's the best app I've ever purchased.
    DE L40
  • Saving my life!
    5 stars
    Without exaggeration, this app is saving my life. I'm currently going through financial stress that comes from it and this app is helping me to stay afloat. You check your daily budget and the next few days after and realize you want that surplus so you just hold on to your money. 10/10
    DE DJ21
  • Best budget app
    5 stars
    I'm hopeless at budgeting and have tried every budget app out there but find them all so complicated and ugly. This app is great because it's so simple to use yet breaks everything down for you and gives you a daily budget spending. Plus it's pretty (important) and user friendly.
    DE Nomesyiw

Daily Budget in 77 seconds.


Spend money on things that matter to you.

The app pushes you to plan ahead and saving up before spending.
It helps you to spend money on things that truely matter to you.

Above all, it’s fun.

Take control of your money.
Start today.

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